5 Best Social Games

5 Best Social Games

Mobile Gaming: Clash of Clans

Social games are becoming increasingly popular on mobile platforms and Clash of Clans has been at the top of the list for several years. Social gaming on mobile devices has changed quite a bit with the release of Pokemon Go but Clash of Clans is still the best for online interaction with other players.

PC Gaming: The Jackbox Party Pack

While PC gaming is filled with social games of all genres, there are very few games that encourage players of different platforms to play together. There are several versions of this game now available and it allows for both local and online where players use their mobile phones to complete tasks. It’s a great game to interact with other players and a fantastic party game.

VR Gaming: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

While there are several other great social games such as Werewolves Within; this game forces players to work together in order to succeed. It works incredibly well on VR platforms and is available on for PC and the PlayStation 4. Unlike Werewolves Within, is places more emphasis on local gameplay.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4: Destiny

Destiny is a quality MMO game and is one of the few FPS games with a great clan system and casual public chat. Players are free to communicate in specified social hubs where they can form teams to fight through dungeons, complete missions and compete in the PvP sections of the game. It’s one of the best social games currently available for consoles.

Nintendo Wii U: Mario Party 10

The Wii U is perfect for social gaming and has a wide range of games that are great for player interaction. The MiiVerse is perfect for player communication and there’s a large number of communities to join. There are plenty of quality social games but Mario Party 10 is one of the best games for local multiplayer.

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